• March 27, 2016 OORG 12 available
  • May 27, 2013 Course Consultant BETA released. See details
  • OORG 11 supports SI Cards10/11 if SI station is not used in Extended mode. Extended mode is supported in OORG 12.
  • OORG for teams Released. Independent software that supports German team championship.
  • If you run OORG on Windows Vista or Windows 7/8/10 you have to right click on the OORG icon and select "Start as Administrator"

  • Tips and guides for .net developers

    Orienteering Organiser (OORG)
    15 languages (English,German,Swedish,..)
    Single - Relay - Loops - Score - Nests
    On screen Course setting
    IOF descriptions, Print and plot courses on the map, Print map with courses and descriptions, OCAD import/export
    >>> Watch 5 minutes video <<<
    Event administration
    Entries,Start lists,Results,Split-times,Web export
    Runner's split-times ticket with chart
    SPORTident cards 5,6,6*,8,9,pCard
    Simulator of SPORTident equipment
    Commentator and Spectators
    Radio controls,On-line web and assembly area results
    Analysis - animation, charts, tables
    ... and more in ONE software
    Do you want FULL version FOR FREE?
    WEB Animator
    You can easy publish: map, all courses, results with split-times, runner's routes. The event data can be browsed in an interactive way and you can run animations of competition
    Online internet animations - more
    Send data by email, obtain web pages
    Latest versions
    OORG 12 (2016-03-27)
    - SI cards 10/11 in extended mode
    - Course consulting
    - Partial EMIT support
    - Online data sharing
    OORG Course Consultant BETA (2013-05-27)
    OORG 11 latest update (2013-03-10)
    OORG 11 released (2010-12-05)
    - non preregistered events processing
    - SI card repeatable usage
    - data exchange with other software
    - and many other features
    OORG 10.03 (2009-09-21)
    OORG 10.02 (2008-06-22)
    OORG 10.01 (2007-04-16)
    - Windows Vista compatible
    - web routes saving
    OORG 10 released. (2006-05-09)
    - SI cards 6*,8,9,pCard support
    - Courses with groups (nests)
    - Team events
    - Report builder
    - GPS coordinates using
    - Croatian and Turkish translation
    OORG 9.02 update (2005-06-05)
    - SPORTident BSF 7 readout unit support
    - Swedish, Slovak and Serbian translation
    OORG 9 (2004)
    OORG 8 (2001)
    OORG 7 (1999)
    Download LITE version for free
    OORG in World events
    WOC 2008 Animations
    EOC MTBO 2006 Complete proceeding
    WUOC 2006 Complete proceeding
    School WOM 2006 Complete proceeding
    WMTBOC 2005 Complete proceeding
    WOC 2003 Animations on wide screen in assembly area and internet animations
    APOC 2002 Analyses for competitors on PC ...This program is an amazing orienteering and meet planning tool... Full article
    O-Ringen 2002 organisers tested SI equipment by SI Simulator
    JWOC 2000 Complete proceeding, first time animations
    PWT 1996,1997 Prague - Course setting, results
    Animations from events
    EYOC 2004 Austria Salzburg
    WUOC 2004 Czech Republic Plzen
    SWOC 2004 Sweden Asarna
    WOC 2003 Switzerland Rappersvill
    Actual thema
    OORG 10 user's guide step-by-step (for US organizers) written by Jan Urban
    New SI read out station BSF 6 and 7
    New IOF descriptions 2004
    Photo gallery